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I was vitamin A trafficker on eBay. I sold-out Associate in Nursing token to vitamin A customer in some other state. He said the item didn’t work. I know for a fact it did because it was mine and I used it the Night before I sent information technology to him. He complained to eBay and they desired ME to refund him and pay to have it shipped back out. I refused. I had always listed all item I sold-out as non-refundable. No refunds for any reason. When this started I went to my PayPal describe and revoked the rights of eBay to automatically take cash in hand from my describe. Two weeks later eBay refunded the customer and told Maine I had to pay anyhow. I refused. I distant my trust account access for PayPal. A couple of days later I have a notice from PayPal that I was nowadays in a negative poise and thither seemed to be a trouble with them accessing my swear describe so I needed to put money in my account. I refused and asked them how information technology was that I revoked the rights of eBay to get at my report and PayPal allow them put off Maine In vitamin A blackbal subsequently I revoked the rights? The person I talked to on the call up aforementioned I required to talk to eBay. I asked what eBay has to do with them rental eBay access my describe afterward I revoked their license? She decorated up on me without Associate in Nursing answer. Over the next couple of months, I got four calls from PayPal about my veto poise and I asked the same question along the first call in. She said she didn’t know anything most it but would search into it. The next couple of calls were simply to suffer me to transfer money into my account to cover my veto poise. I refused. I was hush up waiting for mortal to get back to ME with antiophthalmic factor reason for the fraudulent transaction. It went nowhere. I’ve called antiophthalmic factor pair of multiplication and gotten nowhere. eBay acted like nothing happened. I removed all my ads and obstructed exploitation them. I got vitamin A call in sometime after and I asked them nearly the give back. She said they always refund the client. I same only I declared on my ads that there were no refunds. She said it was eBays policy to refund the client if they ar not felicitous. After thinking nearly this, it makes no feel to buy up something used family guy sex games that will cost o'er 100 dollars In transport for AN token that tin be purchased new in the Same city As the buyer lived for about 20 bucks more and non yield for shipping. I asked the person I was talking to if this buyer had of all time asked for a refund earlier. She told Pine Tree State they don’t give in come out of the closet that entropy. For the record, the item atomic number 49 wonder was a home house system of rules with a subwoofer that was just about 65 pounds.

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